DVDFab DVD Ripper Review: Best Best Ripper to Rip any DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, with GPU Acceleration

My grandparents’ wedding ceremony was filmed on a DVD, isn’t it great? However, how do I watch it? It’s not like I don’t have a functional DVD player at home, it’s just that I don’t have one. One of the few solutions I could find on the internet was to use a DVD Ripper to convert my DVD into a digital format that I could view on my laptop, television, smartphone, or any other device that I desired.  

In this post, I’d like to bring you the DVDFab DVD Ripper review and how I rip the DVDs so I don’t have to use a DVD player to play the DVD.

DVD Playback Problem

People in the year 2024 will not be using DVD players or DVDs anymore for their enjoyment or storage of their data. Today, nearly everyone uses hard drives and cloud storage to preserve their data, as well as to save movies to view on the go. Thanks to the digital era, streaming movies has never been easier: download the movie online, or stream it instantly through the internet. It is the case that no one buys DVD players or carries DVDs about anymore, but my hunch is that you have an abundance of such devices just collecting dust in some corner of your house, which could be described as abandoned memories. 

Try playing your films on an outdated DVD player and you’ll see that your videos halt halfway through due to a DVD Playback problem. You can understand how irritating it might be in that situation! DVD players struggle to recognize your DVDs, and if the lens has numerous scratches, it will show several scratches. About 95% of the time, this occurs. When using Windows 10, DVD discs cannot be played, and making a backup of everything does not include old and valuable DVD discs. Carrying a large number of DVD discs from one location to another is an issue that I have personally encountered, and it is particularly cumbersome in today’s digital environment. When you don’t have access to a DVD player, all of these issues become moot, and that is basically the end of the tale. If there is no DVD player, there is no DVD playback!

dvd and computer

These are only a few of the numerous issues that might arise as a result of the time-consuming DVD disk issue, which can cause untold amounts of difficulties. After having gone through most of them personally, I can safely presume that there are thousands of other individuals who have gone through the same or similar experiences in the past.

DVDFab DVD Ripper Review: Best Best Ripper

After evaluating a number of DVD ripping software programs available online, I determined that DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripping software for Windows and macOS. So, I’d like to give a review for DVDFab DVD Ripper and recommend it to all.

If you have an old or new DVD disc that is not in the MP4 format, you may use this free application to convert it to the MP4 format on your Windows PC. For those of us who have beloved movies or television series on DVD Discs, as well as ancient memories like the one I had of my grandparents’ wedding, the tool is a lifesaver because you cannot play them without a DVD Player. 

As a result, I have the most effective answer for you, which is DVDFab DVD Ripper, which will solve all of your difficulties in less than five minutes. To backup and rip any copy-protected DVDs to MP4 format, MPEG format, H.264 format, and other formats for viewing on a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and any Android device (including tablets), download DVDFab DVD Ripper. 

Put your DVD player away and prepare to enjoy the DVD experience without the need for one. Today is the day to get DVDFab DVD Ripper!

More About DVDFab

DVDFab is a professional multimedia software provider with more than 80 million global users and has been dedicated to working on DVD and Blu-ray copying, burning, ripping, and video converting, downloading, playing, AI upscaling, for more than 15 years. DVDFab.cn is its official site.

DVDFab DVD Ripper Main Features

Rip DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI

When I review DVDFab DVD Ripper, I find it is a great option for anybody who needs to quickly and easily convert DVD to MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, and more, as well as external hard drives, NAS devices, USB drives, YouTube, media players, and various other applications.

It is possible to play your DVDs on a Windows PC, an iPhone, an iPad, or any Android device with the help of DVDFab DVD Ripper software. PlayStation gaming consoles and tablet computers are also supported by this software package.

dvdfab ripper profiles

Rip DVD with All Audio and Subtitle Tracks

All languages and audio tracks can be selected, and the resulting file will have all of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs using whichever media player you are currently using. This is exactly what distinguishes the program as a useful tool to have on your computers.

Forced Subtitle is also supported.

Rip Any Protected DVDs

Commercial DVDs are copy-protected to prevent unauthorized copies. DVD safeguards include CSS (Content Scramble System), APS (Analog Protection System), RC (Region Code), Sony DADC, and others. Copy protection must be removed before converting DVD to digital.

DVDFab DVD Ripper may simply remove these restrictions. Using DVDFab’s unique Cloud Decryption Service, this ultimate DVD Ripper can instantly decrypt your recently acquired encrypted DVDs stored on the cloud server. So the discs open in 5-10 seconds. No need to wait for the current package release.

After reading my DVDFab DVD Ripper review, you see that you’d better use it with an internet connection. 

Advanced Settings

DVDFab DVD Ripper allows you to easily adjust the audio and visual parameters of your DVD disc. The frame rates, resolution, video format, and overall quality of your converted DVD disc may all be customized to your liking when converting.

dvdfab advanced options

You can also enable “Copy Audio” here so as to keep the original audio quality without re-coding. 

Rip DVD with GPU Accleration

Your DVD backup and ripping may be completed in the minimum time required with balanced speed, quality, and size. With DVDFab DVD Ripper’s Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology, which is powered by NVIDIA (CUDA) NVENC, Intel QSV, and multiple core technology, you can convert any DVD at 3000 frames per second. This technology is intended to convert a full DVD to MP4 in only 15 minutes.

dvdfab common settings av codec

Original Quality

DVDFab DVD Ripper is equipped with a high-quality engine, deinterlacing, and configurable High-Quality encoding, which allows it to rip a DVD with negligible quality loss, ensuring that 100 percent of the original quality is retained.

The ability to choose the resolution, codec, bit rate, and other parameters helps to generate the smallest possible file size. DVDFab DVD Ripper assures that up to 80% of the available space is saved. Only DVDFab DVD Ripper can convert an 8GB DVD to a 1GB MP4 file without sacrificing quality.

dvdfab dvd ripper set quality

Video Editing

DVDFab DVD Ripper also has a few video editing tools that are not seen in other DVD ripping software. One of these features is the option to crop a video to the precise size you need. Another feature is the ability to apply a watermark to your finished file if you don’t want it to be used by anyone for anything else. You have the option of either uploading your own image or having words placed as a watermark in your document. Furthermore, any of the modifications that you make may be previewed, allowing you to make any minor adjustments prior to rendering, therefore saving a significant amount of time.

dvdfab video edit

Trimming was another ability that we found appealing. When generating a file from a DVD, it is not necessarily necessary to include the whole video file; you may only want a piece of 2 minutes to be extracted from the video file in question. This would be extremely beneficial to content providers who want to experiment with their YouTube videos.

DVDFab vs DVDFab Mini

When you install DVDFab DVD Ripper on your computer, you will also notice an additional icon on your desktop, which is entitled DVDFab Mini. This is essentially the same software as previously, but with a lot more straightforward interface and fewer options for people who don’t want to spend too much time fiddling with the settings before receiving their final file. We believe that this is a fantastic feature for individuals who are not familiar with the video encoding terminology. After reading my DVDFab DVD Ripper review, I suggest those who are not tech-savvy try DVDFab Mini.  

dvdfab mini

DVDFab DVD Ripper Review: The Pricing

It would be an excellent purchase for someone who is serious about converting all of their old DVDs into media files. Purchasing an annual license costs $59.99 while purchasing a lifetime license costs only $84.99. There is also a free trial version available, however, you can only rip up to 3 DVDs for free. 

DVDFab DVD Ripper Review: The Pricing

Instructions on how to convert DVDs to MP4 video

Having a basic understanding of DVD Ripper’s functionality is insufficient. What matters is that you learn how to rip DVDs to a computer or mobile device so that you may enjoy better offline viewing. Allow me to walk you through the steps in the following paragraphs in my review for DVDFab DVD Ripper.

Step 1. Load DVD

For editing DVDs, Blu-ray discs, Ultra High Definition (UHD), and other popular movies, DVDFab 12 offers a number of modules. Click on the ‘Ripper’ module on the left-hand side of the screen to begin learning how to rip DVDs. Afterward, you’ll want to insert a DVD disc. If this is the case, simply insert the disc into a DVD optical drive, and DVDFab DVD Ripper will recognize it and begin ripping it immediately! The Plus icon in the center of this free DVD ripper indicates that the source is a DVD folder or ISO image file.

Step 2. Select Video Output format

Select ‘Choose Other Profile’ > ‘Format’ > ‘Video’ from the drop-down menu, and you will be presented with a list of eight video formats to choose from, including VI, MPEG 4, FLV, M2TS, MKV (Apple ProRes), MP4 (Apple ProRes, Mobile, Theater), TS, WebM, and WMV. Using this application to rip DVDs to a computer, you may convert DVDs to digital files in any of the video formats listed above, including MP4. The majority of people agree that MP4 is the best format for ripping DVDs in this case. Do you want to give it a shot? Converting DVDs to MP4 for improved playing on mobile devices or uploading to your YouTube channel should be done as soon as possible.

dvdfab ripper profiles

Step 3, Set audio and subtitles[Optional]

This free DVD ripper’s primary interface contains a few choices that allow you to choose different titles, select preferred audio tracks, and select DVD subtitles to extract from DVDs. Of course, you may remove DVD subtitles by selecting ‘None’, and you can add subtitles to videos by selecting ‘Add External Subtitle’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 4. Start to rip DVD

Then, click on the ‘Start button and follow the on-screen instructions to rip a DVD. How long does it take to rip a DVD? Extremely quickly. It is recommended that you start using DVDFab DVD Ripper, which is 30 times quicker than other DVD rippers and is your top choice for learning how to rip DVDs.

GPU Hardware Acceleration is used to speed up the ripping and converting process. With multithreading and multi-core technology, users may convert files in batches. The bar will display real-time progress. You may cancel the DVD ripping operation at any moment, configure the PC to automatically shut down, leave the software, hibernate, or do nothing.

Pros and Cons of DVDFab DVD Ripper

When I was doing the review DVDFab DVD Ripper, I found more pros over cons. The following are some of the advantages of DVD Ripper from DVDFab:

  • Imagine a piece of software that is always being upgraded and updated, with upwards of 50 changes per year to make it better and better.
  • It has one of the most outstanding interfaces.g., a modern and clean design, and it also lets you change the backdrop to match the discs you are watching.
  • It is a completely secure and clean piece of software that is compatible with both Windows and macOS.
  • There are three alternatives available: a full trial (which includes all of the functions and allows you to convert up to three DVDs for free); a free download (which includes certain limits); and a paid version. You have 30 days to return any items you have purchased from DVDFab!
  • It provides its users with the most comprehensive assistance possible, including an online guide, FAQs, a forum, and email. The live chat feature is something that just a few of our rivals provide. If you ever run into any difficulties, get in touch with them right away.


  • It takes time to learn all the features, capabilities, and tools, especially for beginners.
  • This program is more costly than other top DVD rippers on the market.


Now, it’s time to put a summary to my DVDFab DVD Ripper review. It is an excellent DVD ripper that works on both Windows and Mac computers. The fact that this program has a diversified yet simple-to grasp interface was one of the main reasons we chose it. It’s super powerful to rip all kinds of copy-protected DVDs. It definitely is worth trying.

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