[No Ads]Free HEIC Viewer: How to Open, Print HEIC and Convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows 10

HEIC is a relatively new compressed image format developed by Apple in 2017. It is short of High-Efficiency Image Coding and believed to be twice smaller than JPG but of the same quality. However, I have great trouble with HEIC files. Seriously, we need a good free HEIC viewer for our Windows PCs.

Trouble Viewing with HEIC on Windows

Without an extension or plugin, we cannot view HEIC on our PC at all:

If we look for a free HEIC viewer in Microsoft Store, I have problems too. Firstly, it comes with ads as shown below.

Secondly, it takes a bit longer to open a HEIC file.

Last, I don’t quick like its user interface.

CopyTrans HEIC: Free HEIC Viewer for Windows

CopyTrans HEIC has been the result of my serendipity after I felt really discouraged about how to open HEIC on my Windows 10, only to find those free views that full of ads. Fortunately, I find CopyTrans to be a 100% free HEIC viewer with NO ADS at all!

Let’s take a look at how it looks after installing CopyTrans:

You see, it comes with a thumbnail and it is super fast in opening HEIC files because it uses  Windows Photo Viewer to open HEIC images.

CopyTrans HEIC: Other Functional Features

There are three other functions that are really useful by CopyTrans and it is free to! 

Print HEIC

While you open a HEIC file with Windows Photo Viewer, you can hit the Print button or right-click the HEIC image and select print to print HEIC:

Convert HEIC to JPG

Right-click HEIC and choose the option to convert HEIC to JPG. The new JPG file comes with the same name in the same folder as the HEIC image.

And, the conversion is done almost immediately!

Microsoft Office Compatible

After installing CopyTrans, you would find that you can now insert the HEIC file to your MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook!

Troubleshooting: Still Cannot Open HEIC

After the CopyTrans HEIC viewer is installed, why we still cannot open HEIC?

First of all, make sure you restart the computer as requested:

And, you can right-click on the HEIC file and select Properties, and then change Windows Photo Viewer to open the HEIC file.

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