Conquering the “Copy Complete 0 Titles Saved, 1 Failed” Error MakeMKV

Ah, the joys of ripping Blu-rays! You’ve got your popcorn, your comfy blanket, and a pristine copy of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse just aching to be digitized. But wait… what’s that? “Copy complete 0 titles saved, 1 failed”? Your ripping dreams crumble like Aunt May’s casserole in the face of this cryptic error message.

MakeMKV Copy Complete 0 Titles Saved 1 Failed

Fear not, web-slinging cinephiles! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to conquer this common MakeMKV nemesis and finally secure your digital Spidey adventure.

Unmasking the Culprit:

First, let’s identify the villain behind this error. The usual suspects are:

  • The Scratched Menace: Check your disc for scratches, dust, or fingerprints. A gentle microfiber cloth can be your hero!
  • The Dusty Drive: Don’t underestimate the power of a dusty disc drive. Give it a good cleaning to ensure smooth reading.
  • The Outdated Avenger: Outdated MakeMKV versions might struggle with newer discs. Upgrade to the latest version for optimal performance.
  • The Encryption Enigma: Some discs are cloaked in copy protection that MakeMKV can’t bypass. Research online to see if this might be the case for your Spider-Verse disc.

Heroic Troubleshooting Tips:

Armed with the culprit’s identity, it’s time to deploy your countermeasures:

  • Dive into the MakeMKV Log: This hidden lair (usually in the installation directory) holds clues about the specific error. Decipher its messages with the power of Google!
  • Boost the Retry Count: Give your drive a few extra chances to read stubborn sections by increasing the retry count in MakeMKV settings.
  • Ditch the Auto-Split: Disable automatic file splitting if you suspect it’s causing issues with large files like Spider-Verse.
  • Assemble the Alternative Rippers: If MakeMKV falters, consider calling in backup like Handbrake. They might have just the skills to handle this specific disc.
  • Join the Community of Tech Wizards: The MakeMKV forum and other online communities are teeming with helpful advice and specific solutions for ripping Spider-Verse and other discs.

Remember, with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility:

Ripping discs for personal use is generally acceptable, but sharing ripped copies is illegal. Be a responsible movie hero and respect copyright laws.

The Final Showdown:

If you’ve tried all these heroic tactics and the error persists, it might be a glitch specific to your disc or its encryption. In such cases, consider alternative methods, like buying a digital copy, to complete your Spider-Verse collection.

With perseverance and these helpful tips, you’ll be swinging through your digital library in no time, enjoying Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse whenever your heart desires. May your ripping endeavors be ever successful!

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