Best AI Powered Upscaling Software to UpConvert 480p MP4 AVI MKV DVD to 1080P or 4K Videos

Since DVDs were born in 1995, in the analog era, they are out-of-date and believed to be a little unsuitable for the current digital era. When you watch a DVD on 50 inches 4K HD TV, you will see it’s blurry and rough. We all know it’s a great experience to watch high-definition 1080P or even 4K videos, but the question is: is there any AI upscaling software to upconvert 480p DVD or SD video to 1080P or even 4K?

Is Upscaling Low-quality Video/DVD to High-quality Possible with AI?

Originally, “increasing the resolution” of low-resolution data is called up-conversion, but nowadays, it often refers to expanding SD-quality video to HD quality video. It is also sometimes called “upscaling.” Is it possible to upscale or up-convert low-resolution video to high resolution and improve the video quality or DVDs with AI technology?

As is known to all, the higher the bit rate value, the higher the image quality. Under this theory, the image quality can be somewhat improved by increasing the bit rate of the video. However, as a matter of fact, upscaling videos simply by raising their bit rate does not help much. At the maximum, it will only be faithful to the original video. Actually, this is only effective when a video is first created. I mean, you can set a higher bit rate for recording to get better quality.

The good news is that upscaling software with AI technology has come out. It will be possible to improve the image quality of DVDs and lower resolution and lower quality videos. So, YES! With AI, upscaling and up-converting low-quality video like DVDs to high-quality MP4, MKV, etc., are possible now.

AI upscaling software uses arithmetically complementary technology to improve the quality of images and sounds whose information has been lost due to digitization.

Topaz Video Enhance AI: Best AI-Powered Upscaling Software

Following the post, I’d like to recommend the best AI video upscaling software. First of all,  let’s check out the official YouTube video to see how the output video looks:

Topaz Video Enhance AI uses its own algorithm and AI technology for machine learning to upconvert SD (480p) videos up to 8K and improve the video quality.

Topaz Video Enhance AI does not support Blu-ray and DVD ripping. If you want to use its AI engine to upscale and enhance the video quality of your Blu-ray or DVDs, you can use the free Blu-ray DVD ripping software MakeMKV to decrypt the disc and then upscale the MKV file.

Importantly, Topaz supports ProRess and TIFF upscaling, which I didn’t find on other AI upscaling programs. 

It is easy to use, and even beginners who are not familiar with high-tech can operate it efficiently without stress.


Topaz Video Enhance AI is $199.99 for the first year and $99.99 for renewal. 

topaz video enhance ai pricing

Credit cards and PayPal are accepted as payment methods.

To be completely honest, it’s a little pricey. If you have a lot of videos to enlarge, I believe it is well worth the money, especially considering the excellent video quality.

How to Use Topaz AI Upscaling Software

You can check the below guide to learn how to use this AI upscaling software.

Step 1. Download AI Upscaling software

Please follow the below button to download and install Topaz Video Enhance AI.

Step 2. Load Video

You can add almost all your SD videos for upscaling. Here, I will take an SD 640*360 video as an example. We just need to drag and drop the video to the AI video upscaling software. 

Step 3. Select AI Model

Select the most appropriate AI mode by answering a few simple questions. If you are confident in understanding the options, you can go to the Advanced selection.

Step 4. Start AI Upscaling

Click the Start Processing button to start upscaling. Firstly, Topaz will download or update the AI engine. After the AI engine is initialized, it will then begin to up-converting. This will take some time. You just need to get yourself a cup of coffee and wait until it finishes the job.

Online AI Upscaling Software

When I tried converting an old low-quality video to HD quality, I found an alternative: Pixop. It is able to improve and enhance video quality 100% online.  

Let’s check out the YouTube video and you can tell if you are satisfied with the upscaling results. 

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