Best 10 Email Clients that is Easy to Use in 2022

Email is one of many people’s most commonly used services in their daily lives and work. We all use emails for work contact, website services, email subscriptions, or other purposes, and many of us use multiple emails. Different emails are used for various purposes, such as corporate mailboxes, mailboxes for registered accounts, and so on. Currently, we must use email clients to manage multiple mailboxes at once. In this post, I’d like to recommend the 10 best email clients in 2024.

Spart: Best Email Client for PC and Mac

Spark is one of the best clients developed by Readdle that supports iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android devices and can add Google, Yahoo, Exchange, and other types of mailboxes. It is a beautiful and functional piece of software and the best Outlook alternative.

Spark is your smart personal assistant. It will classify the emails you receive automatically. For example, emails sent to you by someone are generally more important and will be classified as private and displayed at the top; some website service messages will also be displayed at the top. Some subscribed emails or advertisements are automatically classified as trends, and various types of emails will also have obvious signs before the title, which can help you quickly filter useful emails.

Spark also has a very user-friendly interface. You can archive, delete, set read, stick to the top, and so on by swiping left and right on the mailing list interface. When reading emails, you can also quickly classify, archive, and reply to them. It also offers numerous integrations that can be combined with calendar software, to-do software, and other applications.

Foxmail is a traditional desktop mail client with Windows and Mac versions that support different mailboxes, enterprise mail, Exchange, and others.

Foxmail focuses on simplicity and performance, as stated on its official website. It has a very simple appearance. There is almost no redundant content aside from the necessary functions and designs, allowing people to focus on the specific content of the email. You can also record important content at any time using Foxmail’s notepad function and synchronize it with the QQ mailbox notepad on the network.

Foxmail is one of the best email clients for Chinese users. 


Thunderbird is the best open-source email client for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can add multiple email addresses, use contacts and to-dos in emails, and use built-in calendaring features in the software. In the mail, you can easily organize your schedule. You can customize the Thunderbird mail client to suit your needs, installing different add-ons to fit your workflow and the basic mail functions.

Canary Mail

Canary Mail is a primary secure encrypted mail program that supports iOS, Android, and Mac. The software uses end-to-end encrypted transmission, supports PGP, and can use biometric technology to unlock applications while ensuring no advertising or data mining.

Canary Mail has a very simple interface, and you can read and send emails smoothly in the application. The software also has built-in features, such as read notifications, magic selection, quick filtering, etc. You can unsubscribe with one click of Mail, greatly improving your mail processing efficiency.

Canary Mail is a great option if you value security and productivity; you can purchase it or use it in Setapp.

Mail Master

Netease mailbox master is a full-featured platform mail client.

NetEase Mailbox is an email client that works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Using the Mailbox account, you can add your own emails to multiple devices.

NetEase Mailbox Master works with almost all mailboxes, including 163, QQ, Gmail, Outlook, and business mailboxes. Furthermore, because it is a NetEase product, it works well with the 163 and other NetEase mailboxes. Without an authorization code, you can log in directly with a password. There will be times when reception is disrupted.

Mailbox Master allows you to manage multiple mailboxes quickly, reply, forward, delete, add labels, and perform other email operations. It is more convenient to translate directly into the email client. You can right-click to translate specific emails. You can translate individual words or sentences or the entire email; there is no need to use translation software.

The only disadvantage of NetEase Mailbox Master is that advertisements will appear on the mobile terminal. However, if you frequently use 163 mailboxes, Mailbox Master as an email client is still very convenient.

Edison Mail

Edison Mail is a simple and focused email client for Android, iOS, and macOS. It is free and ad-free, supporting Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, and various business mailboxes. Edison Mail’s software interface is very user-friendly; it provides you with the most commonly used mail operations, such as star, archive, deletes, and so on, to help you process mail efficiently.

Edison Mail also includes a very useful unsubscribe feature. When you no longer want to receive emails from a particular merchant, you can not only unsubscribe with a single click, but you can also choose to delete all previous emails, which is extremely useful for dealing with spam.

Edison Mail is one of the best email clients for iOS and Android. 


Although its name is Gmail, the email client launched by Google for Gmail, including Android and iOS platforms, you can use it to receive other mailboxes, such as Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, and add via IMAP. NetEase and QQ mailboxes, for example.


The Gmail client uses the same style and settings as the web version. Users familiar with the web terminal can quickly adapt to the software’s use, and operations such as filing and deleting are more convenient due to gesture support.

You should use the Gmail mobile client if you use Gmail as your primary mailbox.


QQ Mail

In addition to supporting QQ mailbox, the mobile APP launched by QQ mailbox can add 163 mailboxes, Gmail, Outlook, Tencent Enterprise Mail, and other enterprise mailboxes. It can receive and manage multiple mailboxes at the same time.

The QQ mailbox app is simple, similar to Foxmail on the desktop. Only the necessary functions are retained in the initial interface, such as writing emails, forwarding, starring, replying, deleting, and so on, and more functions, such as translation, After reminders, notes, and so on, are used under the more button.

QQ mailbox also uses a custom plug-in mode, which includes a calendar, file transfer station, notepad, address book, and other features. You can selectively open and close the software to make it more concise and tailored to your specific needs.


Users of macOS and Gmail can use the Mimestream Mail client.

Mimestream is a mail client designed specifically for macOS and Gmail users. Because the software is written in Swift, it is very lightweight and fast, even faster than the mail client with Mac. Mimestream also provides most of the common Gmail functions, such as mail classification, label management, mail search, shortcut keys, etc. You can also add multiple email accounts, making it easier to manage. The only drawback is that this Mail APP only supports Gmail accounts; if you have other email accounts, you will need to use different email clients.

Mimestream is a simple email client for Gmail.


Newton is a very modern full-platform email client that provides a minimalist email interface, allowing you to get rid of the complex functions of traditional email clients and focus on email processing while providing enhanced features such as email Read notifications, send later, email filtering, email sharing, third-party service integration, and so on, to improve your work efficiency. Newton has joined Setapp, and you can use it directly if you have a Setapp subscription.

This article has shared what I think the best email clients, which you can select based on your needs.

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